f-21A LION/KFIR C.1 ITALERI 1:72 SUPER DECAL FOR 3 VERSIONS The Kfir is an "all weather" multi-role fighter produced by Israeli Aircraft Industries. It was derived directly from the famous French fighter Dassault Mirage III / 5 of which it retains the aerodynamic layout. Several improvements were implemented such as the adoption of the powerful and reliable General Electric J79 afterburner turbine engine, manufactured under license in Israel. The avionics were also drastically revised and improved. The Krif development program was born to be able to offer a more effective aircraft than the now dated IAI Nesher. The Kfir entered service in 1975 as a fighter-interceptor. With the introduction of the new F-15, the Kfir changed its operational profile and proved to be a robust and reliable ground attack aircraft. Armed with two 30mm cannons, it could carry a varied offensive load consisting of missiles, bombs and rockets. During the 1980s, the US Navy and Marine Corps employed several Kfirs (under the designation F-21 Lion) for air combat training activities.

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