M.A.S. 563/568 WITH CREW ITALERI 1:35

MAS 563/568 WITH CREW Description CONTAINS 6 FIGURINES - PHOTO-ETCHED - TRANSPARENT ACETATE - SCREWS, ROPES & ACCESSORIES Since the First World War, the Royal Italian Navy has paid great attention to the development of small and fast boats generally armed with torpedoes. Torpedo armed speedboats, better known by the acronym MAS, were boats of direct civilian origin. During the First World War the results obtained were absolutely significant with the sinking, by Commander Luigi Rizzo, of the battleships of the Austro-Hungarian Navy Wien and Szent István. Although they were suitable for closed and smooth seas such as the Adriatic, the Italian Navy continued to work to improve the performance of the small but fast torpedo boats. The MAS 500s, equipped with the new, more powerful and reliable Isotta-Fraschini petrol engines, built during the Second World War, were used both as torpedo boats and as anti-submarine platforms for dropping depth charges. They could reach a maximum speed of 45 knots and were armed with two 450 mm torpedoes. ITALERI SCALE 1:35

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