Russian Army T-72M1 Tank by Tamiya 35160

Russian Army T-72M1 Tank by Tamiya cod. 35160 scale 1:35, the box contains the commander, and the photo-etched parts for the radiator grills.

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Leopard 1A5 Italeri | N. 6481 | 1:35


Leopard 1A5 Italeri | N. 6481 | 1:35

Leopard 1A5 Italeri , The kit contains decals for 4 versions | No. 6481 | 1:35 The Leopard 1 tank, which entered service in the mid-1960s, formed the backbone of the armored units of Federal Germany and several NATO armed forces during the "Cold War" period. The role of the Leopard was crucial as it had the task of dealing with the immense masses of tanks that could be deployed by the armies of the Warsaw Pact. It was armed with the proven 105mm L7 gun capable of using different types of ammunition. The A5 version is a marked improvement with the adoption of the modified turret capable of housing the new computerized target identification and fire control systems. The additional composite armor plates in polycarbonate have also been adopted, capable of significantly increasing protection and resistance to blows.